What Makes Our Solar Lights All In One?


Before I go into what makes our solar lights “All In One,” it’s important to explain the actual phrase “All in One” to erase any confusion. If a product is mentioned as being “All-In-One,” then it means that the product is composed of a collection of two or more items or functions working within that product to provide it with multiple capabilities. A laptop with touchscreen features and 360° foldable conversion into a tablet is a good example of being an all-in-one product. That laptop can properly serve multiple roles for its users with the features integrated within the product.

Our solar lighting products are comprised of key integrated features that will allow the lights to properly store energy, produce sufficient LED lighting, act as a security lighting, and can withstand the weather elements. It also comes with remote control settings, so the user can easily adjust the brightness of the LED lights to his or her liking.


An often-overlooked product feature that most people don’t necessarily think of is the actual exterior casing of that product. The outer shell of the solar light consists of a strong IP65 grade aluminum alloy frame that houses all the necessary components such as the lithium ion battery and the LED lights. The aluminum alloy frame is vital in protecting all the important features inside from the elements such as rain, hail, and snow.


The vital piece of what makes our solar lights “solar” is the solar panel integrated at the top of the light itself. The solar panels and the LED lights vary in sizes and watts. The higher the wattage of the LED light, the larger the solar panel must be in order to convert sunlight into sufficient energy for the lights during the night. Traditional solar lights would have had the solar panel at the very top of the pole with an exterior wiring cable connecting the solar panel to the other important components far below such as the lithium ion battery. Because our solar lights are all in one, it is much easier for a homeowner to install the lights onto his or her property without the hassle of an exterior wiring cable.


Another primary component of our solar lighting products is the lithium battery integrated within the solar light itself. The battery can store energy from the solar panels during the daytime and can be used to power the LED lights at night. Because the battery is internal, any wiring connections between the panels and the lithium battery will be safe inside from the weather elements. Other types of larger solar lights may have the solar panel at the very top with a connected inverter placed at the very bottom of the pole fixture.


The LED lights located underneath the solar panel can produce ample lighting depending on the wattage and the height of the pole fixture. As stated before, the larger the wattage the brighter the LED lights will be. Since the LED lights are fixated underneath the solar panel, they are better protected from the weather elements such as rain or hail. We can offer recommendations on what sizes and wattage of the soar LED lights you may need for your home, business, or government project depending on the location of where you want the lights, how you intend to use the lights, and how dark that location is currently.


An additional component that makes our solar lights more energy efficient and can provide security lighting is the motion sensor connected underneath the solar light itself. The motion sensor is positioned closely to the LED lights. Whenever pedestrians or animals pass by, the motion sensor will trigger the LED lights to brighten up to 100%. If a certain amount of time passes where there is no activity underneath the solar lights, then the LED lights will return to energy saving mode.


The features mentioned above allow our Intelligent Solar LED Lights to work perfectly for any type of exterior lighting projects one may have. The “All In One” features provide energy saving solutions for your lighting problems while also saving you much needed money.

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