Independence Through Solar Lighting

The Issue.

A general problem that homeowners, ranchers, and other property owners always deal with is the need for additional lighting in certain parts of their property. It’s already difficult enough for a homeowner to try and find the right type of lighting for their backyard. The hassle of electrical wiring installation and the need to bring in an electrician to ensure the connections are compatible make it even more time-consuming and expensive. Using basic lighting systems for a home might not be able to provide that homeowner with the guaranteed sense of lighting independence. 

To install lighting on one side of their large property, a rancher may have to request wire and cable trenching to connect that light to the grid for power. Along with being time-consuming to trench all the way to the location of the new light, the trenching itself may cause significant surface damage to the rancher’s property. In some cases, trenching might not be permitted depending on the property and the terrain underneath the surface. Other issues can occur with basic lighting systems connected to the power grid such as blackouts and power outages. These outages can leave a homeowner stranded without light for hours and sometimes even for days until power can be fully restored.

Solar Independence.

When it comes to many forms of lighting, solar lighting can be regarded as the most elegant and independent type. An intelligent solar LED light is a self-sustaining and highly affordable option for all kinds of lighting projects. The solar lights do not require any electrical connections to a power grid as they are charged through the power of solar energy. With a built-in lithium battery inside, the solar light can store sufficient energy to continue lighting up properties even during a string of cloudy or rainy days.

That rancher worrying about trenching issues can instead set up a solar LED light in that same vicinity without the hassle of electrical installation or wiring. All he or she would need to do is to find a suitable spot with adequate sunlight during the daytime to set up the solar LED lights. The fantastic part of these lights is that they can be installed onto many different structures including pole fixtures, on a rooftop edge, the side of a building, or on a sturdy tree. 

Stay bright. stay secure.

Homeowners can relax and feel at ease with their solar LED lights knowing that they can charge during the daytime and brighten at night all on its own. This makes the solar light an extremely independent and self-efficient type of light for any construction or lighting project. Homeowners, businesses, and ranchers will save money on installation and energy costs while being able to light up their land. They can also take pleasure in marking another step towards a greener lifestyle. 

Another great feature of the intelligent solar LED lights are its motion-sensors. The motion-sensor will allow the light to brighten 100% if pedestrians or animals pass by and can save energy when their is not much activity present. Property owners can get that sense of security knowing that the motion-sensor activation from the solar lights will ensure that no one sneaks around their homes unnoticed. All these great features do not require the owner to do anything to the solar light itself making the device as independent as it gets.

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