Daylight Savings Reminder!

A time change is upon us!

This is a friendly reminder from SAT Energy that daylight savings for this year will begin at 2:00 AM on Sunday March 11th.

Unfortunately you will be losing an hour of sleep for that day. However, after this date you will notice that during the evenings there will still be plenty of sunlight left. Many people enjoy Spring and Summertime as the increased daylight in the evenings allow families to partake in more activities later in the day.

What does this mean for Solar?

More daylight at this time of the year means more sunlight will be hitting your solar panels and other solar devices to power and store energy. With the right energy storage capabilities, families can store greater amounts of solar energy that can be used for their household electrical needs and can also offset their electric bills during the Spring and Summer months. Be sure to take advantage of the extra daylight and the potential for more solar energy powering your home and your business!